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This page allows you to look at the viewing options available. By selecting a default, a cookie will be set for your client, so your chosen mode will be used automatically on subsequent visits.
Note:If you have told your browser not to accept cookies in this manner, your default viewing mode will not be changed.

By default, our camera page presents the image to you using:
- Server Push, if you use Netscape V2 or higher,
- Floating Frame if you use MS Explorer V3 or higher.
- The Java applet option can be selected by you on this page. It is not used automatically unless you set it as your default below.

Otherwise we stick to client pull for unknown browsers.

The hope is, through the use of this test page, we can automatically recognise the features supported by the other browsers our visitors use.

Please comment if you have ideas, problems or just comments to make. We appreciate your input.

1. Server Push

Doesn't work for your browser This method opens a persistent connection between our server and your browser. It then downloads the images as they change to your page, without reloading the whole page. Currently supported by Netscape only. We have limited this demo to 40 seconds approx.
Make this my default This is your current default.

2. Floating Frame

This Method uses an Internet Explorer Tag IFRAME, to present a Web Page within a webpage. The Image here is actually a small web page which reloads using client pull at 5 second intervals.
Make this my default This is your current default.

3. Our old friend Java.

To the left, is a Java Applet showing the image changing at 5 second intervals. If you don't see the image, you may have Java turned off, or maybe your browser doesn't support it.
Make this my default This is your current default.

4. Client Pull

Client Pull uses a META tag to refresh the entire Web Page at Intervals. This is the method we have been using until recently, and works for virtually every browser, though some find the page refresh a little irritating. We don't demonstrate it here, as it would affect the demos above.
Make this my default This is your current default.