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Ideal holiday location for families, anglers, surfers, and golfers

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Welcome to World-Link's popular Photo of the Day. If you've been visiting Katmandu or Timbucktu, New Britain (Connecticut) or Jolly Old England, The Outback, or Inner Mongolia.... or have just been walking around the block digital camera in hand, and have a scenic photo you'd like to see displayed here -- the guidelines will tell you how to submit a photo for consideration. If you'd like to see past Photos of the Day, please visit the 2008 2007, the 2006 POD Gallery, and the 2005 POD Gallery and have a look around.

Webbie's Picks - Everything you ever wanted to know about Ireland in one Search
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Digital Photography Hints
~ Get a Little bit Closer - Zoom (optical or digital) is a wonderful tool in the right circumstances (for instance with camera shy or dangerous wildlife or when there are barricades) but often just taking two or three "giant" steps forward will fill the viewfinder with your subject and result in an amazing photo.
~ No Tripod/No Shot - Think again. If your camera is telling you need a tripod, look around and see what might be a suitable substitute - for instance a window ledge, a fence, the hood of a car (caution: if the car isn't yours, you'll want to lay something underneath your cam to avoid scratching paint) or even a knapsack. Also, bracing yourself against a tree or a building might provide enough stability to get some shots.

A special thanks to Peter Scott for featuring our webcams as a "Live Postcard" on his site: Insiders Guide to Hidden Dublin

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