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Holiday Ireland is the most comprehensive Tourist Services Guide to Ireland available anywhere on the Internet. It provides tourism information on many of Ireland's leading tourist attractions, hotels and guesthouses etc.


A. Listing:- includes Company name, Address, 1 telephone, fax & mobile number, e-mail plus a link to an existing internet site. £50
B. Standard:- As Listing but includes 30 words of text (256 characters) £80 
C. 1st Page: includes (B) above, plus full screen colour page with colour photo(s) and logo along with 60 words of text. £250*
D. 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc. pages .............................................................. £100each
* Price includes automatic inclusion to the Top 5 Search Engines on the internet.

An added feature with Holiday Ireland is our ability to provide free fax messages/bookings for your clients (provided you have a fax machine) at no cost to the enquirer and at a very low cost to you. Please enquire separately about this feature which is now available.
If you wish to be included in the Holiday Ireland directory, please contact us at the above address or contact numbers, or you can simply complete and mail through our Subscription form.

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