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What is the Irish Internet Yellow Pages?
The Irish Internet Yellow Pages is an online directory of Irish businesses searchable by region or category. The information provided on each business is as comprehensive as possible, with useful information such as fax numbers, mobile phone numbers, www Home Pages (where appropriate) and other valuable data, making your search more fruitful and saving you time and effort.

A. Listing:- includes Company name, Address, 1 telephone, fax & mobile number, e-mail plus 1 category heading50
B. Standard: - As Listing but appears under 5 Category headings, along with 30 words of text (256 characters) and a direct link to your existing web site85
C. As Standard Entry, the Full Screen allows 60 words of text per screen pluslinks150*
D. As Full Screen with Artwork but includes company logo OR one photograph- Black & White195*
E. As Full Screen with Artwork and includes company logo, photographs(max 4 small per page) or graphics in Full Colour 250*
* Price includes automatic inclusion to the Top 5 Search Engines on the internet.

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